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Brad Pitt foundation embroiled in lawsuits

In 2007, two years after Hurricane Katrina, actor Brad Pitt founded the Make it Right foundation to rebuild safe and sustainable homes in New Orleans’ Lower 9th Ward. Led by GRAFT architects, the organization convened 21 world-renowned architects to design climate-adapted, eco-friendly homes inspired by William McDonough’s Cradle to Cradle principles. Earlier this month, an … Continue reading

Providing services in emergency situations

During emergencies, design professionals are often willing to volunteer their services to assist in protecting public health and safety. Prudent design professionals realize that these efforts, whether volunteer or paid, create potential liability. While some states have volunteer protection acts that afford the immunity of the state to licensed designed professionals providing services during emergency … Continue reading

How does your firm deal with “moonlighting” employees?

If one of your employees is working on a project that you didn’t authorize or know about, can your firm be held liable? Possibly. The issue is whether the actions of the employee can be attributed to the firm. It’s therefore very important for professional service firms to have clear policies on the outside professional … Continue reading

If you provide services for free, are you free from liability?

Some design professionals believe that if they receive no fee for their services, their liability is limited or nonexistent. This is not true. The general rule is that a professional performing voluntary service must do so in accordance with the same care and diligence as other professionals providing similar services. The lack of a fee … Continue reading