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Finding balance: new governance structure in America

The pendulum of public policy in the US has swung, and, to many, it has swung in a way that is unsettling different, and confusing. Historically, we could imagine with some reasonableness what a new Administration would yield for the American people. But the 2016 political process has propelled us toward a future that’s extremely … Continue reading

From politics to policy: the presidential transition

A week ago, the United States of America elected a new president. Now, President-Elect Trump’s team must begin the process of setting-up a governance structure that will involve staffing the White House and the Executive Office, making more than 4,000 appointments, getting up-to-speed on the more than 100 federal agencies, building a policy platform consistent … Continue reading

Can technology cause tunnel vision?

Heads up. The economic transformation away from fossil fuels to renewables is happening, and at a pace much quicker than you might think. That’s because the movement and the evolving markets are making the technologies more affordable, and at a phenomenal speed (see International Renewable Energy statistics and ITC extension ) which is also making … Continue reading

Ten things architects and engineers should know about P3s

(1) Nomenclature: When you hear “P3” or “PPP” or “public-private partnerships,” substitute “design-build-finance-operate-maintain project delivery.” It’s been used for decades in other parts of the world to deliver public infrastructure (horizontal and vertical) and now governmental entities (federal, state, and local) in the United States have developed a strong interest in institutionalizing this as a … Continue reading